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Whether you are looking for live or online auction services, the team at Anthony's Auctions is able to meet all of your auction needs!

Farm & Land Real Estate


Going…going…gone! If you’re selling land, these words are music to your ears. Land auctions are an accelerated process for selling through public sale, with several potential benefits to the seller. 

Commerical Real Estate


In the world of commercial real estate, an auction is merely a business choice the seller makes to get the best price or the quickest sale

Farm Equipment


More and more, farm equipment is sold and bought using the auction method.  Buyers and sellers are increasingly aware of the benefits of selling and buying machinery at auctions

Industrial Equipment


Selling your surplus industrial equipment is a great way for companies to capture the market value from used parts and machinery

Residential Real Estate


There are four main types of residential real estate auctions:

  1. Reserve auction: the lender can reject your offer even if you are the highest bidder (the reserve price is not made known)

  2. Absolute auction: the highest bidder automatically wins the property

  3. Minimum-bid auction: the bidding begins at a specified price

  4. Foreclosure auction: lender cannot profit from the auction, and these properties are often sold at less than market value

Estates & Personal Property


Estate and personal property auctions is a great way to sell items due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death

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